Tuesday, September 8, 2009

PostDoc with Nick Bostrom at Oxford


University of Oxford
Faculty of Philosophy
Future of Humanity Institute, James Martin 21st Century School

Grade 7: £28,839 - £38,757 per annum (as at 1 October 2008)

Applications are invited for a fixed-term Research Fellowship at the Future of Humanity Institute. The Fellowship is available for two years from the date of appointment.

The Future of Humanity Institute is a unique multidisciplinary research institute at the University of Oxford. It is part of the James Martin 21st Century School, and is hosted by the Oxford Faculty of Philosophy. FHI’s mission is to bring excellent scholarship to bear on big-picture questions for humanity. Current work areas include global catastrophic risks, probabilistic methodology and applied epistemology & rationality, impacts of future technologies, and ethical issues related to human enhancement.

The successful candidate will be expected to: develop and implement an independent program of research related to one or more of the Institute’s focus areas; provide research assistance to the Institute’s director, Professor Nick Bostrom; and to participate in examining and administrative duties for the Faculty of Philosophy as required.

The successful applicant will show evidence of exceptional academic research potential and outstanding intellectual capacity. Academic discipline and specialization are open but should be directly relevant to at least one of FHI’s work areas.

Further particulars, including details about how to apply, are available from the website of The Future of Humanity Institute (http://www.fhi.ox.ac.uk/) or from Mrs Nancy Patel (tel: +44 (0)1865 286279; email: fhi@philosophy.ox.ac.uk).

The successful candidate will be able to start as soon as possible, however there is some flexibility with the start date.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 14 October 2009.

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Thom Blake said...

There's probably going to be stiff competition for this - I'm seeing it advertised anywhere having to do with futurism, transhumanism, computer ethics, and related fields. Hopefully (for me) they'll need someone again in about 2 years.