Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Expanding World of Drones

Ralph Nader has an article today about Drones at in which he mentions the ICRAC (International Committee for Robot Arms Control) meeting in Berlin last year.

The NYTIMES and other media sources report that the F.B.I. arrested a terrorist who was planning to attach the Capitol and the Pentagon using remote-controlled aircraft.

Last week (Sept. 19th) The Washington Post reported on the development of autonomous killing drones in an article titled, A Future for drones: Autonomous killing.
“The question is whether systems are capable of discrimination,” said Peter Asaro, a founder of the ICRAC and a professor at the New School in New York who teaches a course on digital war. “The good technology is far off, but technology that doesn’t work well is already out there. The worry is that these systems are going to be pushed out too soon, and they make a lot of mistakes, and those mistakes are going to be atrocities.”

Research into autonomy, some of it classified, is racing ahead at universities and research centers in the United States, and that effort is beginning to be replicated in other countries, particularly China.

My Wife's Drone

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