Monday, September 28, 2009

Noel Sharkey: Ethical Challenges Posed by Robotics

As readers of this blog are aware, Noel Sharkey has written quite a bit on the ethical and societal challenges arising from the adoption of robots for an array of activities. Here is a list of his writings on the subject.

Sharkey, N.E. (2008) The Ethical Frontiers of Robotics, Science, 322. 1800-1801

Sharkey, N. (2009) Death Strikes from the Sky: The calculus of proportionality, IEEE Science and Society, 28, 16-19

Sharkey, N.E. (2009) The Robot Arm of the Law grows longer, IEEE Computer, August, 2009

Sharkey, N. (2007) Automated killers and the computing profession, IEEE Computer, November, 106-108

Sharkey, N.E. (2008) Grounds for Discrimination: Autonomous Robot Weapons, RUSI Defence Systems, 11 (2), 86-89

Sharkey, N.E. (2009) Weapons of indiscriminate lethality, FIfF Kommunikation, 1/09, 26-28

Sharkey, N (2008) Cassandra or False Prophet of Doom: AI Robots and War, IEEE Intelligent Systems, vol. 23, no, 4, 14-17, JulyAugust Issue

Sharkey, N.E. and Sharkey, A.J.C. (in press for 2010) The crying shame of robot nannies: an ethical appraisal, Journal of Interactive Studies (25 pages)


Sharkey, N.E. Killing made easy: from joystics to politics, In Sibylle Scheipers and Hew Strachan (Eds) The Changing Character of War, Oxford: OUP

Sharkey, N.E. and Sharkey, A.J.C. (in press) Living with Robots: Ethical tradeoffs in eldercare, In Yorick Wilks (Ed) Artificial Companions in Society: scientific, economic and philosphical perspectives, Amsterdam,: John Benjamins

Sharkey, N.E. (in press) The ethical problems for 21st century robots: from the battlefield to law enforcement, RSA book of Ethical futures (aimed at policy makers)


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