Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Forbes Publishes The AI Report

Forbes magazine has published The AI Report: The past, present and future of artificial intelligence. The report has three sections – Intelligence, Robotics, and Living with AI. All the articles can be accessed online by clicking here. Here is a list of the contents of this special report.


Passing The Turing Test –Kevin Warwick
Machine Minds – Michael Vassar
When Will Computers Be Smarter than Us –Nick Bostrom
What Happened To Theoretical AI –David Gelernter
Giving Computers Free Will – Judea Pearl
Computers Make Great Students – Peter Norvig
Can A.I. Fight Terrorism – Juval Aviv
My Computer, My Collaborator –Matthew Klenk
Dumb Like Google – Lee Gomes
We Want More From Computers -- But Not Too Much –Eyal Amir


The Humanoids Are Here –Countney Boyd Myers
The Dawn of the Humanoid Robot – James Kuffner
The Gamelatron Robot Orchestra –Aaron Taylor Kuffner
Robots Vs. Rothko – Margaret A. Boden
Who Needs Humanoids –Helen Greiner
Robots on Jeopardy –Herbert Gelernter
Encounters With Electronic Pets –Lawrence Osborne

Living With AI

Will A Machine Replace You? –Courtney Boyd Myers
AI in The C-Suite –Dale Addison
AI And What To Do About It –Ben Goertzel
The Coming Artilect War –Hugo de Garis
The Ethical War Machine –Patrick Lin
Intelligence Evolution –Barry Ptolemy

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