Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two More Reviews of Moral Machines

The editors of Choice featured a review of Moral Machines by G. Trajkovski in their April 2009 issue.

[I]n this holistic volume, they raise many questions on what scientists need to consider when building robots. Written with an abundance of examples and lessons learned, scenarios of incidents that may happen, and elaborate discussions on existing artificial agents on the cutting edge of research/practice, Moral Machines goes beyond what is known as computer ethics into what will soon be called the discipline of machine morality. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Academic and public libraries, all levels.

Ryan Tonkins writes in Metapsychology that

The authors do an admirable job at using language accessible to an interdisciplinary audience, which also makes the book open to a more general public readership. It will be of interest to anyone concerned with the ethical, social, and engineering issues that accompany the quest to develop machines that can act autonomously out in the world.

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