Sunday, May 29, 2011

Unthinking machines

A.I. & Cog Sci luminaries Marvin Minsky, Patrick Winston, & Noam Chomsky among others weighed in at an event celebrating MIT's 150th anniversary earlier this month on why they think there has been a lack of progress in A.I. as reported by MIT's Technology Review

Peter Norvig has written an interesting commentary on why Chomsky is wrong to deride statistical approaches to language.


Anonymous said...

The article mentions the idea that research is too focused on details due to taking an overzealous approach. Kind of odd, considering that my impression of the rationale for the more focused research was that earlier efforts were themselves too overzealous for taking on such a wide scope. I guess it's always the other guy who's arrogant. Personally, I'd rather see some more enthusiasm, not less. There's really no way to get a unified goal of artificial intelligence because there's too many things someone could want to from it, and it makes sense that this would lead to a variety of approaches to it. Appreciating more than one of them would certainly help, though.

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