Monday, December 8, 2008

Wearable supercomputers

Last Tuesday, Colin had the opportunity to interview the CTO of MNB Technologies, a Bloomington, Indiana, company that is developing wearable supercomputers for military and other applications. (Colin is an occasional host of Interchange, on WFHB community radio in Bloomington.) Listen here.

Interchange 12/02/08

Host Colin Allen speaks with Nick Granny, chairman and chief technical office of MNB Technologies, Inc., a hi-tech startup company based in Bloomington, Indiana. They discuss the advances that MNB is making in designing and developing "wearable supercomputers" and the kinds of applications that these highly portable machines will enable, including military training with virtual reality, homeland security applications, medical triage at disaster sites, and civilian applications such as real-time route planning for delivery drivers, and even the download and use of satellite data for efficient farming. Colin and Nick also discuss how MNB Technologies came to be located in Bloomington, which involved a chance meeting with his future wife and business partner Martina Barnas at the Paris airport, and Nick describes how the State of Indiana supports small businesses, making it possible for MNB Technologies to have ambitious expansion plans over the next few years. (57:29)

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