Saturday, December 20, 2008

Roboethics Workshop at IEEE Conference in Japan

A fuII day workshop on Roboethics has been announced for May 19th at ICRA2009, the 2009 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Kobe Japan. Those wishing to present at this gathering should submit abstract by January 14th. The organizers of the workshop include Gianmarco Veruggio, Ron Arkin, Atsuo Takanishi, Jorge Solis, Matthias Scheutz, and Fiorella Operato. The call for papers states that,

This workshop invites submissions on the following topics (but not limited to):
• Social (Robotics and job market; Cost benefit analysis; etc.);
• Psychological (Robots and kids; Robots and elderly, etc.);
• Legal (Robots and liability; Identification of autonomously acting robots; etc.);
• Medical (Robotics in health care and prosthesis; etc.);
• Warfare application of robotics (Responsibility, International Conventions and Laws; etc.)
• Environment (Cleaning nuclear and toxic waste, Using renewable energies, etc.).

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