Saturday, January 16, 2010

Managing Data From Drones

Military Is Awash in Data From Drone writes Christopher Drew in the NYTIMES.

Lt. Col. Brendan M. Harris, who is in charge of an intelligence squadron here . . . said the Air Force had just installed telestrators on its latest hand-held video receiver, and harried officers in the field would soon be able to simply circle the images of trucks or individuals they wanted the drones to follow.

But Colonel Harris also said that the drones often shot gray-toned video with infrared cameras that was harder to decipher than color shots. And when force is potentially involved, he said, there will be limits on what automated systems are allowed to do.

“You need somebody who’s trained and is accountable in recognizing that that is a woman, that is a child and that is someone who’s carrying a weapon,” he said. “And the best tools for that are still the eyeball and the human brain.”

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