Saturday, December 5, 2009

Artificial Intuitions - A alternative approach to AI

K21st-Essential 21st Century Knowledge site has an article that outlines Monica Anderson's concept of Artificial Intuitions.

Most humans have not been taught logical thinking, but most humans are still intelligent. Contrary to the majority view, it is implausible that the brain should be based on Logic; I believe intelligence emerges from millions of nested micro-intuitions, and that Artificial Intelligence requires Artificial Intuition. Intuition is surprisingly easy to implement in computers.

A fuller discussion of Monica Anderson's theory of Artificial Intuitions is available here.

Thanks to Walter J. Freeman for bringing this article to our attention. In an email Scott Brown notes, "that this notion of brains as 'prediction machines' is also the basis of Jeff Hawkins's theory of cognition in his book On Intelligence. For a Wikipedia article on Hawkin's theory go here.

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