Friday, October 9, 2009

Robot Cars Acting Like Fish

A school of robot cars developed by Nissan are capable of avoiding crashes by acting like fish, according to an article by Tim Hornyak titled, Nissan's robot cars mimic fish to avoid crashing.

The Eporo, Nissan says, is the first robot car designed to move in a group by sharing its position and other information. The aim is to incorporate the technology into passenger cars to reduce accidents and traffic jams.
Although a group of Eporos may look like a gang of cybernetic Jawa, Nissan says the cars' design was inspired by the way fish move in schools.

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Erwin Calverley said...

It won't be long before people get to see actual robot cars in the road. If they are programmed according to how schools of fishes act, they'll be running under a routine, which is safe. Tests have actually proven that. If all cars run on a uniform pattern, traffic would be easier to manage, and accidents can be lessened.

Erwin Calverley