Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Inevitable Positive Outcome with AI?

In a posting on the Accelerating Future website, Michael Anissimov questions some of the assumptions about the future of AI that are popular among transhumanists. "What is disturbing is the medium-sized and growing group of folks who believe that AI could be here within a few decades, but that the challenge of programming it for benevolence or moral common sense is trivial or already solved."

In a very thoughtful piece, Anissimov also challenges the belief that humans will easily merge with AI. "Another common error, rampant among transhumanists, is that human beings will magically fuse with AI the instant it is created, and these humans (who they are obviously imagining as themselves) will make sure that everything is fine and dandy. Kurzweil is the primary source of this fallacy."

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